Services Offered by the Lanett Police Department

The Lanett Police Department is a community oriented policing department. We want to build a strong relationship with the citizens and businesses of the City of Lanett, Alabama.

Patrol Service

  • Building and residential checks
  • Escorts from your business to banks or just standing by while you close
  • Community and business patrol
  • Bike patrol and Foot patrol
  • DARE and school resource officers
  • Quarterly meetings for local businesses to discuss loss prevention
  • Neighborhood watch programs
  • Forensic crime scene investigations

DARE and School Resource Services

  • Teach children about drug awareness
  • Attend schools relating to drugs
  • Provide school security and resources
  • Attend Juvenile Court and transport juveniles
  • Handle juvenile complaints
  • Provide security for the football team and band during football season
  • Assist the principal with students who have behavioral problems
  • Investigate all school and student related incidents
  • Lanett Youth Police Academy

RAD-Women’s Self-Defense Class / Firearms Familiarization

Lanett Police Department offers classes each month on Women’s Self Defense as well as Firearms Familiarization Classes. The Self-Defense class uses the “RAD” System to teach females of all ages best practices for surviving an attack. These classes are free to all females ages 14 and up. We ask that parents accompany girls under 18 in order to sign permission forms and releases. Our trained staff enjoy teaching the classes as well as getting to know people in the community.

We also offer Firearms Familiarization as part of the Self-Defense class. Our trained staff will go over weapon safety as well as proper ways to clean a firearm. This class is offered to help familiarize a person with a weapon, this is not a class to teach someone how to shoot. Our staff will go over different types of firearms and will assess the owner’s gun to  make sure it is working properly. We also take the class to the Lanett Police Department’s Firing Range where the class is allowed to shoot their weapon.

Neighborhood Watch Programs

Lanett Police Department also offers information on starting a Neighborhood Watch Program in your area.  We offer information about how to get a Neighborhood Watch started. Our trained staff can attend your Neighborhood Watch meeting in order to give helpful information about crime prevention as well as helpful hints to keep your residence from being a target.

If you are interested in any of our programs please call 334-644-5236 for more information. Lanett Police Department is dedicated in serving our community to the best of our ability. We are currently looking at new programs to offer to the people of our community.